Paiptree wants to create a world
of communication based on the trust
of farmers and companies.

Creating a transparent flow of
agricultural logistics around the world.

Transparent the processes of all AI-based farm logistics.

Paiptree make meaningful changes.

There are invisible gaps and blind spots in the poultry business process.
As a result, the risks and costs of companies and farmers were not small, and it has developed into a social issue that can destroy corporate trust.

The paiptree started with this awareness of the problem.

We focused on developing technologies to gain visibility into farm operations and listened to the stories on the ground so that anyone could easily participate in new innovations.

Efforts to create a transparent farm management flow are now leading to logistics innovations for many farms and businesses.

The paiptree goes beyond South Korea to the world.

paiptree logo

The pipe is for letting something slip away. It’s named the paiptree because it means to expand the profits that companies have made like a tree and send them to disproportionate places in society.

The paiptree is moving towards global.

To make the global agricultural logistics flow transparent, paiptree is moving toward the world based on its global capabilities and networks.


Demonstrate skills through a variety of award-winning performances at Paiptree.

patent application

The technologies of the pipe tree are protected by various technology patents and applied to various applications.