Farm management is easy and fast with Farmers Mind

for farmers

Farmers Mind ai
AI Digital Twin Platform

Farmers Mind ai is a platform that enables you to know the situation of the farm in real time. You can check not only the environmental information of the farm and the price of broiler, but also the real-time average weight of chickens being raised, CCTV monitoring, and feed data.

Real-Time Average Weight

It measures the expected weight of chickens raised on the farm in real time. Since it is measured in real time, it is very helpful in delivering the exact weight.

CCTV Control

All kennels on the farm can be checked by video in real time. In addition, CCTV is used to detect intruders or abnormalities related to temperature and humidity and send an alarm.

Feed Data Integration

Check the amount of feed in the farm in real time. In addition, after more than a certain period of nannies, you can quickly and easily order by guiding whether to place additional orders.

for Enterprise

Farmers Mind ems
AI Digital Twin Platform

Farmers Mind ems is a platform for broiler-related businesses. You can check the management status of the farm you manage by dividing it into parts, and you can easily check the current breeding status at a glance based on the data.

Data Integration

Manages real-time data by integrating with the ERP system and uses a variety of processed data to facilitate the operation and management of farms.

Screening of out-of-class items

Artificial intelligence analysis technology selects parts, dates, and types of external items and analyzes/manages them in what process they occurred.

VMS System

Allows monitoring live status of farms using the video management system along with the status and data of the farm (environmental data, average weight)