Pipetree wants to create a world
of communication based on the trust
of farmers and companies.

we work with the paiptree to change the world.

We are looking for a partner to create innovation in the AI distribution market.

paiptreean Life

Located at Maru 360 in Yeoksam Station, the Pipe Tree office provides a pleasant and spacious office space. It is an open and personalized space that is flexible to gain new inspiration.

Comfort Office

- Introduction of flexible work system
- You can use the office's intensive work space, cafe, sleeping room, shower room, etc

Support Things

- a cafeteria with free meals, coffee, and snacks - Support shared vehicles for overtime dining and outdoor business trips

Join Our Team

We are waiting for new challenges
with Pipetree and talented people to grow together.

Data Analysis Lead

Seoul, Korea

• Data Analysis Strategy Formulation and Analysis Team Lead
• Derive insights to support data-driven decision-making
• Development and management of data modeling and analytics tools

CX Designer

Seoul, Korea

• 7 years or more of CS or CX experience
• Anyone with experience in team reading and experience in strategy formulation and execution
• Experience in data formatting based on customer’s VOC collection

Front End Developer

Seoul, Korea

• Develop a scalable SaaS platform UI/UX.
• Design an architecture to handle a lot of data reliably and efficiently.
• Diagnose and optimize persistent web performance issues.

Product Developer Lead

Seoul, Korea

• Lead Willog’s product design team.
• Establish the design principles and directions of the Willogue and manage consistent user experiences across the product line.

Product Owner

Seoul, Korea

• Market entry strategy, product positioning, and new product planning
• Continuously monitor market trends and user feedback to drive innovation opportunities

Data Engineer

Seoul, Korea

•Design and build data architecture
• Data Pipeline Development Maintenance and Optimization
• Improve data quality and processing performance