based on a variety of patented
technologies of Paiptree

Real-time Weight Prediction

Provides real-time weight analysis of livestock with the cameras installed within farms, offering data for livestock management and production control.

Real-time Anomaly Detection

Provides real-time access control and anomaly detection alerts using AI technology.

Data Integration

Manages real-time data by integrating with the ERP system and uses a variety of processed data to facilitate the operation and management of farms.

Breeding Size Control

Allows to monitor average weight and predicted data using the weight and environmental data entered from the farmers and devices during input and output period.


Allows monitoring live status of farms using the video management system along with the status and data of the farm. (environmental data, average weight, etc)

Average Weight

Provides a variety of analyzed data through the plat- form to assist farm owners in livestock management and operations.

CCTV Control

Receives real-time video updates and anomaly alerts for the farm with install cameras, including environ- mental and weight data.

Feed Data Integration

Manages feed levels using IoT device and using the feed orders from ERP system, calculate and manage the farm's optimal values